Indian journal of Dryland Agricultural Research and Development is the flagship journal of the Indian Society of Dryland Agriculture, the journal publishes original scientific and technical research articles on physical, biological and cultural aspects of dryland and rainfed agriculture environments. As a forum of multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary dialogue it addresses research on all aspects of drylands. The journal serves as a forum for discussion among researchers from different disciplines and regions focusing on the dryland agriculture in India in particular and the world in general. The journal discusses the dynamics of water, soil and land, pest and diseases, crop production and protection, animal husbandry, poultry and livestock science in relation dryland and rainfed conditions. Climate change and its implication and adaptation and mitigation options in dryland agriculture along with the security and sustainable development of natural resources is also one of the main areas of the journal. The journal also serves as a forum for discussion on how agro-ecosystems and the natural environment, specifically on how dryland agriculture influences the environment and how changes in that environment impact dry agro-ecosystems. Articles are encouraged that deal with experimental and observational research at the field, system or landscape level. Studies that enhance our understanding of processes using modeling, simulation and papers that bridge scientific disciplines and integrate knowledge are welcome. All papers should be placed in an international or wide comparative context.

Contributions are welcome from all scientists of all countries working for increasing the productivity of drylands.