Volume-1     Number-I    1986

  • Planting Patterns, Population density and fertilizer effects in pigeonpea + Finger Millet Intercropping Systems I. Yield and yield advantages    

    G. Subba Reddy and G.V. Havanagi

  • Integrated Nutrient Management for Drylands    

    J. Venkateswarlu and S.K. Das

  • Optimizatio of Bakhar Blade Shape for Dryland Farming    

    P.D. Gupta, C.P. Gupta and K.P. Pandey

  • Agroforestry options for Dryland of India    

    R.P. Singh and G.R. Korwar

  • Intercropping Pigeonpea with Short Duration Pulses in Semi-Arid Alfisols    

    S. Venkateswarlu

  • Comparative Performance of mixed and intercropping systems    

    S.P. Singh and M. Narayana Reddy

  • Intercropping systems in Red Soil of Telangana Region for Stability and Efficient Utilisation of Season    

    U.M. Bhaskara Rao and K. Vijayalakshmi

  • Grain and dry matter yield compensation ratoon cropping of dryland sorghum    

    V. Balasubramanian and D. Gangadhar Rao