Volume-32     Number-I    2017

  • Impact of Improved Dryland Technologies on Sustainable Crop Productivity and Efficient Utilization of Resources in Submontane Punjab (1-10)    Abstract   

    Vivek Sharma, Amit Salaria, M.J. Singh, Vijay Kumar, Sukhvinder Singh, Anil Khokhar, S.C. Sharma, G. Ravindra Chary and P.S. Sandhu

  • Development of Water Application Attachment on Seed Drill for Dry Land Farming (11-14)    Abstract   

    Yuvraj G. Kasal, Vijaya Rani, R.K Johrar, M.S. Sidhpuria, Anil Kumar and S. Mukesh

  • Enabling a more Equitable and Efficient Groundwater Irrigation in Rainfed Regions of South India (15-20)    Abstract   

    C.A. Rama Rao, Sreenath Dixit, G. Surendranath, K.V. Rao, B. Sanjeeva Reddy, Josily Samuel, B.M.K. Raju and B. Venkateswarlu

  • Production Potential, Economics and Nutrient Uptake of Sesame (Sesamum indicum) Under Different Organic Nutrient Management Practices in Rainfed Region of Rajasthan (21-25)    Abstract   

    S.K. Sharma, R.K. Sharma and J.K. Balyan

  • Performance of Linseed Based Intercropping Systems in Different Row Ratio under Semi Arid Region of Karnataka (26-31)    Abstract   

    S.B. Kalaghatagi, A.K. Guggari, D.N. Kambrekar and Kadasiddappa Malamsuri

  • Technological and Extension Yield Gaps in Oilseed and Cereal Crops under Rainfed Ecology in Jammu and Kashmir, India (32-40)    Abstract   

    Sanjeev Kumar, Suraj Parkash and Vishal Mahajan

  • Relative Economics of Irrigation through Percolation Tank and Irrigation Tank (41-45)    Abstract   

    D.H. Ranade, Santosh Mujalde and Indu Swarup

  • Effect of Amendments and Micronutrients on Nutrient Availability, Yield and Economics of Pigeonpea Grown on Calcareous Soil (46-50)    Abstract   

    R.M. Sarap , A.G. Durgude, A.L. Pharande and I.R. Bagwan

  • Productivity and Economics of Fodder Crops-Onion (Allium cepa L.) Double Cropping System as Influenced by Varieties and Fertilizer Levels in Onion (51-55)    Abstract   

    B.K. Ramachandrappa, M.N. Thimmegowda, H.S. Ravi Kumar, G.N. Dhanpal, M. Anitha, M.S. Savitha, P.N. Srikanth Babu and K.A. Gopinath

  • Evaluation of Evapo-Retardants and their Interrelationship with respect to Temperature and Wind Velocity (56-62)    Abstract    

    M.S. Pendke, B.V. Asewar, A.S. Kadale, B.W. Bhuibhar and Boini Narsimlu

  • Evaluation of Soil and Climatic Characteristics for Identifying Constraints and Potentials for Forest Development in Andhra Pradesh, India (63-70)    Abstract   

    L.G.K. Naidu, M. Lalitha, S. Dharumarajan, R. Vasundhara, S. Srinivas, G. Ravindra Chary, V. Ramamurthy and S.K. Singh

  • Performance of Rabi Castor (Ricinus communis L.) under Zero-Tilled Conditions after Different Preceding Crops (71-74)    Abstract   

    M. Madhu, M. Venkata Ramana and S. Sridevi

  • Crop Intensification through Relay cropping in Rice Fallows of Assam (71-77)    Abstract   

    D. Sarma, P. Saikia, P.K. Sarma, M.K. Sarma, P. Neog, P. Borah, P. Chhetri, M. Hazarika, M. Bhattacharjee and N. Kakati

  • Performance of Prominent Inter cropping Systems under various Tillage Practices in Vertisols of Marathwada Region (78-82)    Abstract   

    B.V. Asewar, M.S. Pendke, A.K. Gore, M.S. Samindre, G. Ravindra Chary and Ch. Srinivasa Rao

  • Micronutrients Foliar Diagnostic Norm for Pomegranate Using DRIS (83-86)    Abstract   

    Vrushali Deshmukh, A.G. Durgude, I.R. Bagwan, B.D. Tamboli and A.N. Deshpande